AI-moderated User Interviews
to help you build the right thing
– faster.

xelper supercharges your user interview process.
Generate insights from interviews with real users, faster, and with minimal effort.

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You know you should do more
user interviews
but you don’t.

It takes too long to get insights…
…so teams start building without asking.
…your research backlog is already full…

Our Solution

xelper does all the heavy lifting for you.
10 x your user research in three simple steps:

Step 1

Upload your interview guide and generate a chatbot

Step 2

Invite your target audience by sharing the interview link

Step 3

Receive a detailed analysis via your personalized dashboard within 24 hours

Don't take our word for it

"We conducted customer surveys together with xelper. We were impressed by the informational content of the interviews, the user experience of the survey tool, and the implementation speed."
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Ruben Kaufmann

Innovation Analyst

"Simple, fast, and straightforward access to real customer feedback."

Christin Sievers

Community Manager

"With xelper, we can significantly increase the efficiency of our services and thereby offer attractive deals to our customers.”
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Jakob Scheitza

Head of Industrial Storytelling
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20 chat-based interviews
Analysis Dashboard
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Founding Team

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David Ranftler
UX Research

Expert for product and user research, specialized in digital products and services.

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Paul Wesendonk

Innovation expert with a focus on early-stage innovation.


You are not the first to ask. Below you find our Frequently Given Answers.

We can also analyze personal interviews.

We have already analyzed individual projects with over 30 hours of personal interviews. Basically, we can process all your qualitative data (transcripts, audio, video).

Projects generally take 48 hours.

Our bottleneck is your users. The faster we get users to talk to your interview bot, the faster we can generate insights. It generally takes around 48 hours from start to finish.

Do 3x as many interviews as you would in person – why not!

As a rule of thumb, we recommend conducting three times as many user interviews via chat as you would conduct as face-to-face interviews in a comparable project. Therefore, individual projects with xelper typically include ten to thirty user interviews.

xelper can be used GDPR compliant.

All data storage and processing takes place on Microsoft Azure servers within the EU. We have also taken all measures so you can use xelper GDPR compliant. Your data is save with us.

Writing with our chatbot feels familiar.

We emulate a chat experience your users are familiar with from everyday life. This leads to high engagement and deep conversations with our interview bots. We observe completion rates of 90% and higher.

Chat interviews are great for strategic and tactical research.

Chat interviews have two main advantages: they are very fast and you can do a lot of them. For tactical research, speed is important – product teams don't wait to implement. For strategic research, reliability is important. 50 chat interviews give decision makers more certainty than five 1-on-1 interviews.

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